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We at IT PYRAMID love to eat! Developing a marketing plan for your Food or Restaurant business will make your marketing strategy as tasteful as a plate of lasagna right from Italy. With mouth watering images and tasteful descriptions you won’t need to do much at all. Restaurant Menu style pages will ensure customers get an eyeful of each item you offer with accurate nutritional information and allergy cautions for the careful diner. Whether you’re a Bistro in Beverly Hills or a Diner on Wall Street our marketing strategies are sure to put you on the map.

Make it easy for customers to reserve or order take-out online within just a few clicks. Combined with our Social Media & Video Marketing service you’ll be the talk of the town.

Customer Retention

With so many choices and so much competition, customer retention is getting harder by the day. With addition of so many new apps that bring thousands of options to users customer retention is by far the industries greatest challenge. Consumers have options to switch even for the simplest of reasons like taste or preparation.

Food Regulations

Achieving & maintaining all form of regulation & standardization is just as important as quality, price, location & ambiance. Dining out is not just a need but a luxury as well & businesses are finding it harder to keep up with ever changing rules & regulations.

Fresh Ingredients

Another big challenge for the Food & Restaurant business is the freshness of the ingredients. Any food lover will testify to the difference in taste & texture of a dish prepared with fresh ingredients. Restaurant owners must work hard and diligently to ensure freshness in their food and integrity in their service.

Spicing It Up

There are only so many ways to prepare & serve a cheeseburger. That’s were technology kicks in, technology can help deliver that extra spice your business needs to keep customers interested and coming back for more such as apps that offer special introductory dishes or discounts to registered users.

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