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If you’re a company that manages an event to achieve a stated goal as determined by the client then IT PYRAMID can help you in devising a marketing strategy complete with a dazzling and professional website built alongside you & experts in various fields of entertainment, education, design and strategic planning.

Are your event details scattered across lots of spreadsheets, emails and apps? Are you struggling to keep team members and clients on the same page? IT PYRAMID is your answer, with optional integrated online event managing software tools that are built to simplify how you plan events. Combined with our signature online marketing services your next event will be surely be the talk of the town.

Overspending a Limited Budget

It’s amazing how many planners make the mistake of overspending on an already limited budget. Most planners make the mistake of planning and paying along the way and often spending 50-75% more than the original budget. The best way to avoid this is to thoroughly plan first with proper estimates and quotes instead of finding out at the last moment. This also helps to avoid last minute embarrassments with the catering, decoration or entertainment arrangements for the event.


There’s a saying that everything that can go wrong does go wrong, that’s especially true in the event planning industry. Planners have to always prepare for the worse, anything from last minute cancellations to misprinted time or venue on invites, which is why a planner always gives themselves buffer time when calculating how long it will take to complete a task. The trick is to make time follow you instead of following time.


No event should be a one man show, having a good event planning team is vital to the success of each event. Having a good team also helps to keep track of the small details, small details that can sometimes cause big problems such as not having the right equipment present at your event or inadequate seating. You don’t have to carry the load all by yourself, dividing tasks among team members and keeping an eye on the progress is the greatest management strategy of all time.


Choosing the right venue for your event is arguably the next most important detail after budget. Having the right venue sets the tone for your event or corporate meeting. It can even play a deciding role in whether or not you achieve the purpose of your event. In the end make your event memorable and try to enjoy what you create.

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